Boys Washable Daytime Absorbent Briefs

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  • A washable absorbent brief for children who need daytime protection without the disadvantages of disposable pants!
  • Sewn-in absorbent pad holds up to 200ml (7 oz) of fluid
  • Extra gusset will accommodate (link here)booster pad for additional absorbency
  • Briefs look just like regular boys underwear for discrete protection against leaks
  • Machine wash and dry

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Boys Washable Daytime Absorbent Briefs

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A washable absorbent brief for children who need daytime protection. Designed specifically for children, these special washable briefs are designed to be discreet and highly absorbent. The washable sewn-in absorbent padding will absorb up to 200 mls (approximately 7 ounces). These pants look like regular boys briefs to increase confidence and allow everyday activities to be carried out without embarrassment. They are manufactured from cotton for comfort and a close fit. They also have a waterproof protective area.

For those who require extra absorbency, a sewn-in gusset pouch holds a disposable booster pad which absorbs an additional 9oz. This more than doubles the urine capacity. Latex free. Individually packaged.

Additional Comments From Us

These briefs are great for transitions from disposable pants while working on daytime continence. For children who can't wait to get to the bathroom (i.e. children with urgency), these briefs protect from embarrassing accidents. Ideal for school situations requiring waterproof underwear because they are noiseless and have the appearance of regular briefs.

These briefs work best for leaking situations. For absorbency of complete bladder emptying, the addition of the disposable booster pad is recommended. Bladder capacity of children is their age + 2 to estimate ounces of urine.

They are generally not intended for nighttime wetting since they may not hold enough urine to keep children dry at night. This depends upon each child. The briefs cannot be used in conjunction with bedwetting alarms because of the waterproof area.
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Name Boys Washable Daytime Absorbent Briefs
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  • From Lisa
    • How many pairs of briefs are in the package?
    • The Boys Washable Daytime Absorbent Briefs are individually packaged.
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